For 20+ years, I have been analysing how contemporary visual imageries are created, disseminated and eventually ‘validated.’  Crucially, I have myself been producing a few of those imageries as a visual journalist and multimedia producer.

I have worked from Morocco to China and most places in between. The focus of my research is Visual Storytelling and all its nascent digital forms.

I completed my MA dissertation in Anthropology of Media at the London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2001.  I had thought my study time was over, after a previous BA and MA at the University of Venice (Italy) in contemporary Islamic societies.  In fact, it turns out it was just getting started.

As I began working in the media and creative industries, I started experiencing the extent to which research should be linked and informed by practice.  I interspersed time studying with time working in order to refine and synthesise my theoretical framework.

As a media practitioner, I worked for an Iraqi-based NGO, the Guardian, the Iranian State Radio and a wide array of other outlets (Linkedin Profile).  Increasingly this led me to profoundly question, reflect on and recalibrate what I had learned during my stays in academia; with positive effect.

In 2010 I was awarded a research bursary from the British Academy for a photographic research on the hawzas of Syria and with that a scholarship for my PhD on Visual Communication at the University of Exeter (UK).

Through these projects, I have been finalizing a visual-centred perspective on journalism and assessing the extent to which a jpeg is closer to an MP3 file than to its analogue version in the form of a photograph.

My proposed monograph on Aesthetics As Storytelling has been accepted by Intellect and is due to be published by end of 2018.  It integrates my PhD findings with the teaching and training activities I have been delivering since 2014.

My on-going and agile research aims to build a hands-on theoretically refined perspective to practice, appreciate and understand current digital communication.

The two paradigms I have identified are the Image as Storytelling and the Meta-Image.

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