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Image Storytelling

An improvised answer from officer Schabowski led a 1989 press conference to most accidentally trigger the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Since the 1960 televised Presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy, media steadily marched into an inescapable centrality in politics.

However, it is only with the 1991 Gulf War that - among many socio-political changes - a communicative milestone was truly established.

As new-borns in the Middle East would be named 'CNN,' and a French philosopher argue that The Gulf War did not take place, (visual) media have been promoted to the imperative requisite for politics.

They now infuse our daily lives and most important affects in declinations as diverse and unexpected as today's 'alternative facts.'

Through online platforms, social changes and political events have recently been witnessed, disseminated and discussed in increasingly more participatory ways.

In parallel, digital media have been playing a capitol role in the last three US Presidential Elections, and, arguably so, in the 2016 Brexit referendum. Rumours over Russian media agencies swaying recent political consultations are under very close scrutiny.

For the last 25 years, I have been analysing how contemporary visual imageries are created, disseminated and eventually 'validated.'

Crucially, I have myself been producing a few of those imageries as a photo-journalist and multimedia producer, working almost everywhere from Morocco to China.

This website is home to my academic research and professional training on visual communication.

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| Training and consulting on visual communication |

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Why me

My name is Massimiliano Fusari.

I’m a digital consultant, scholar and results-driven visual strategist.

My focus is the creation of effective digital and interactive visual storytelling.

I have worked as a multimedia journalist for 20+ years from Morocco to China and consulted for the Diplomatic Institute of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other clients include UN agencies such as IOM and UNESCO, private partners in the business and media sectors and research institutions like the British Academy.

I am fluent in Italian, English and Persian. I have a working knowledge of Arabic.

I was awarded my practice-based PhD at the University of Exeter (UK) in 2014. Since then I have been researching, training and teaching.

And – of course – making multimedia storytelling.

Alongside my consultancy I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, where I teach on interactive media, visual storytelling and digital creativity.

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